Everything you missed from Julian Edelman’s free virtual workout class

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman got to work Thursday night.

Rocking a trio of sweatbands, Edelman led a 10-minute, equipment-free, virtual workout class via Planet Fitness as a part of the New Hampshire-based company’s “Home Work-In” series.

Edelman, who noted he recently had shoulder surgery, was an active instructor, enthusiastically completing each exercise along with viewers at home.

“This is a dream of mine,” he said.

Here’s a look at Edelman’s fast-paced class:

1. 20 jumping jacks

2. 20 push-ups: His tips included making sure your hands are at your shoulders and keeping your butt up.

3. 20 jumping jacks

On to core work for what Edelman called “abs of steel” . . .


4. 20 toe touches: His tips included keeping your feet straight and making sure you get shoulder blades off the ground when reaching up.

5. 20 suitcases

6. 20 traditional sit-ups

At one point, Edelman shouted, “What number am I on, Brady? What number am I on?” He immediately clarified he was not referring to his former teammate Tom Brady. “My producer’s named Brady,” said Edelman, gesturing to his earpiece.

On to legs and glutes . . .

Edelman laid out three rules he learned from retired fitness instructor Richard Simmons: 1. We have fun; 2. We’re cutting calories, baby; and 3. Work them buns.

7. 20 squats: As you bend your legs, Edelman recommended keeping your chest up, your knees wide through the hips, and your butt back.

8. 20 lunges: Edelman equated this exercise to “squishing a bug,” and said to keep your knee above your ankle as well as maintain a bend in your back leg. His other tips were to have your chest up, core tight, and abs in.

“Hydration is crucial,” Edelman said during a water break. “Old quarterback I used to have used to talk about it a lot. Brady, what was his name? Oh yeah, never mind.”

Throughout the class, Edelman gave shoutouts to viewers — such as “Rebecca from Boston” and “Liz in Texas” — that had tuned into his session.


9. 20 jumping jacks

10. 20 squats

11. One-minute plank

12. 20 jumping jacks

13. Alternating push-ups, using a prop: Edelman used a football, of course, but he said a pillow, towel, or another small furniture item would suffice.

14. Stretches

With its gyms closed across the country, Planet Fitness is offering free virtual workouts daily amid the coronavirus shutdown. According to Edelman, former Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola is set to be the next celebrity host.

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do,” Edelman said.


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