Morning sports update: Former NFL running back Brian Westbrook criticized Tom Brady’s advice in Howard Stern interview

"To me, this is terrible advice."

Tom Brady in Dec. 2019.
Tom Brady in Dec. 2019. –AP Photo/Frank Victores, File

On Wednesday, Tom Brady sat down with Howard Stern for an unusually open and expansive interview. Brady discussed a range of interesting topics, including the journey he’s been through with his family over the last few years.

Former Eagles running back took issue with Tom Brady’s advice: During Brady’s lengthy interview with Stern on Wednesday, he explained that he simply didn’t have a backup plan to his life goals. Brady said that he willed himself to succeed by only thinking about his specific goals.

On FS1’s “First Things First,” former Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook disagreed with the wisdom of that approach.


“I absolutely disagree,” said Westbrook. “To me, this is the worst quote you can ever tell any kid. To never have a backup plan? What do you mean ‘not to have a backup plan?’ I want my kids to have a backup plan in case something happens, because here’s the deal: If I didn’t have a backup plan, then I wouldn’t have went to Villanova — I probably would’ve went to a prep school, or things like that. Sometimes, in sports, in general and really in life, if your first plan doesn’t work then you need to have a backup plan. You have to have something you can do after that first thing doesn’t work.

“So to me, this is terrible advice,” Westbrook concluded.

Contrary to Westbrook’s assessment, Brady appears to have a degree of self-awareness about his goals when he was younger.

“I think that was pretty naive of me, to never have those plans,” Brady admitted to Stern about not having a fallback option. “But I always just envisioned what would happen, and in a lot of ways it ended up happening.”

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