Ty Law loved this vodka so much, he signed on to help manufacture it. He wants you to love it, too

“The liquid in the bottle is the best in the world,” said Law.

Ty Law Johnny Damon
Former Red Sox star Johnny Damon poses with Ty Law and Law's V-One vodka. COURTESY/TY LAW

Former Patriots cornerback Ty Law had already carved out a niche as a successful businessman with the indoor Launch Trampoline Parks a few years ago when he got his first taste of V-One Vodka.

Paul Kozub made bottles of V-One with Law’s No. 24, commemorating his enshrinement in the Hall of Fame. It was a move that made a distinct impression with Law … and then, he had a glass.

“I was introduced to Paul by a friend of a friend when they had made me some special bottles when I was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame,” Law recalled. “It was awesome for him to do that, and when I tasted what was inside, I was like, ‘[Expletive], this is great.’ I called my friend, and said I would love to meet him and thank him, because this was the best vodka I had ever tasted in my life.


“We were going to talk for 15 or 20 minutes, and instead, we ended up chopping it up for seven or eight hours.”

That led to a business partnership between Kozub, Law, and spirit industry veteran Julious Grant, all of whom are now working to make V-One the vodka of choice throughout New England and beyond.

For Law, he wanted to make it clear this isn’t a case of a high-profile football star signing on a celebrity pitchman. This is much more than that.

“I bought in as an equity partner, not a pitchman, because I believe in the product,” he said. “I’ll put my money behind it.

“This is the best vodka you will ever have,” he added. “I put my time and energy and resources into this because I truly believe it. When you taste it, you’ll taste the difference. I’ve run 30 taste tests for friends, and all 30 have agreed. I’m like ESPN – 30 for 30. It’s 30 taste tests and counting. No one yet has chosen a different vodka.”

What makes V-One unique? It uses 100 percent organic spelt grain, which gives the farm-to-glass vodka a cleaner taste. It’s led to multiple awards in the spirit industry, including being recognized at the 2010 World Spirit Competition in San Francisco.


In February 2019, they completed a multi-million dollar purchase and 12,000 square-foot expansion of their distillery in Kamień, Poland, roughly two hours southeast of the capital Warsaw – just a few miles from the birthplace of vodka.

Buoyed by the expanded factory and Law’s star power, they look to expand the brand. V-One is set to be sold at Gillette Stadium this season, and they are eyeing placement in restaurants, casinos, and wherever fine spirits are available.

“The liquid in the bottle is the best in the world,” said Law.

V-One is just the latest business venture for Law. Backed by the Hall of Famer, the first Launch Trampoline Park opened in Rhode Island in 2012, and now, franchises stretch from Massachusetts to Florida. He continues to look for the next great business opportunity.

“I got cut three times. Now, I’m the one doing the hiring and firing. I’m not going to be fired anymore,” he said with a laugh. “Now, it’s about providing for myself and my family and creating jobs and opportunities for other people. There have been plenty of bumps and bruises along the way – you talk to a lot of entrepreneurs, and most of the lessons you learn are through failure.


“But I’m 100 percent in on these taste tests. I know there’s nothing guaranteed in life but death, but I’m willing to work however long it takes to make this a household name.”


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