Morning sports update: ESPN pundit predicts Bill Belichick will win another Super Bowl before Tom Brady

"They're going to win the Super Bowl first."

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady earlier in the 2019 season. Kathryn Riley / Getty Images

On Sunday, Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson played Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods in “The Match: Champions for Charity.” Along with raising $20 million for charity, the golf competition provided some entertaining and humorous moments.

In the end, Manning and Woods emerged victorious, but it was Brady who made the shot of the day.

Max Kellerman takes Bill Belichick in a longtime debate: For as long as Bill Belichick and Tom Brady were winning Super Bowls together, fans and experts debated which of the pair was more important to the Patriots’ success.

While the result never seemed to matter, since both remained fixtures in New England for 20 years, the conversation has taken on new meaning following Brady’s decision to sign with the Buccaneers.

In a Monday segment, regular pundit Max Kellerman ventured his guess in the question of whether Belichick or Brady would win a Super Bowl without the other first.

“Belichick will win first,” he said. “First of all, Belichick is much more responsible for the Patriots’ success and the Patriot Way than Brady, although Brady is also very responsible. If you have to ask, in the NFL, it’s the head coach. It’s the head coach.”

Kellerman noted how the Buccaneers might have the better odds this season, but that things still need to fall into place for any team to win the Super Bowl.

“Even if it’s over 50 percent, it’s 60 percent, 70 percent, you have to multiply that by the next round, 60 or 70 percent, if you think they still have those odds,” he said. “By the time you’re done calculating, maybe they have, if you’re being generous, a one in 10 shot to win the Super Bowl this year. And by the way, given Brady’s age and decline, that’s the best shot he’ll ever have.”


But for Belichick, Kellerman sees the longer view.

“Meantime, Belichick’s going to be live every year,” he predicted. “Look, the over-under on the Patriots is what, 9.5 games, 8.5 games? And they don’t even have a roster! They lost everybody, including the quarterback, and people still think they’re going to have a winning season. Belichick’s going to be there every single year. They’re going to win the Super Bowl first.”

Trivia: In 1995, a Red Sox player won the American League MVP, but was one of three players on his team to receive votes. Name all three Red Sox players to get MVP vote points that season, including the winner.

(Answer at the bottom.)

Hint: One started his career with the Pirates, and the other two reunited on the 2002 Mets after their time ended with the Red Sox.

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