Morning sports update: Rodney Harrison explained why Cam Newton could have a ‘great situation’ with the Patriots

"I’m just a little disappointed that the Patriots weren’t a little bit more aggressive just recruiting Cam."

Cam Newton in 2019.
Cam Newton in 2019. –Mike McCarn / AP, File

After the NHL unveiled its plan to return to games earlier this week, Bruins President Cam Neely shared his own thoughts on the proposal. In particular, Neely was asked about the  proposed method for seeding (in which a short round-robin tournament will determine the top seeds).

“It’s a little frustrating, based on what the team accomplished in the first 70 games, that in three round-robin games we could go from first overall in the league to fourth in the conference once the playoffs start,” Neely told The Boston Globe.

Rodney Harrison on Cam Newton and the Patriots:  While speculation has continued that the Patriots might sign former NFL MVP Cam Newton at some point, New England has shown no sign of interest since the 31-year-old was cut by the Panthers in March.


Former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison thinks that’s a missed opportunity following the departure of Tom Brady to the Buccaneers in free agency.

“I thought it would be a great situation where he could have came in at a reduced salary,” Harrison told Rich Eisen in a recent interview. “He could have came in and really learned a lot about just technique and just the intricacies of being on a really great football team with great guidance as far as the head coach and offensive coordinator.

“I thought that would have been a really, really ideal situation for him,” Harrison continued. “He could have came in, competed. Could have helped the young guy, young guy could have helped to push him. I thought it would have been a perfect situation. I’m just a little disappointed that the Patriots weren’t a little bit more aggressive just recruiting Cam.”

New England currently has veteran Brian Hoyer and 23-year-old Jarrett Stidham as the team’s established quarterbacks, along with undrafted rookies J’Mar Smith and Brian Lewerke.

Trivia: What two players account for six of the top 10 most prolific three-point shooting seasons in Celtics history?

(Answer at the bottom).

Hint: They both won NBA championships with the Miami Heat (though in different seasons).


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