Here’s why Devin McCourty changed his mind after his first reaction to COVID-19 vaccine was ‘no way’

"Find out if this vaccine is for you. If it is, jump in."

The New England Patriots released a PSA in support of the COVID-19 vaccine on Monday. AP Photo/Michael Dwyer, Pool

The New England Patriots released a PSA on Monday, aiming to educate communities on the importance of getting vaccinated.

In the video, Matthew Slater and Devin McCourty both spoke about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, while acknowledging the concerns of Black people who might not believe in what is being offered.

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“As a Black man, you wonder about how this is going to affect my family on a personal level,” Slater said.

McCourty said he initially had no plans to get the vaccine.

I think that’s the question I would say if I watched this video: Why is Devin McCourty saying and participating in this video?” he said. “It’s because I’m probably like a bunch of you guys. When the vaccine was first spoken about, I said, ‘No way. No shot I’m getting the vaccine. Keep it as far away as possible for me.'”


However, McCourty said that when he sat on “three or four Zoom calls” with different doctors and listened to them explain the vaccine, he felt differently.

One of the biggest impacts for me was I got to see a doctor that looked like me roll out and tell me what this vaccine meant,” McCourty said. “He got to tell me the history of vaccines. He told me he understood the mistrust because he grew up with that same mistrust.”

Slater then asked his wife, Dr. Shahrzad Slater, why the vaccine came together so quickly.

One of the things we have to remember is over the last hundred years, science and medicine have evolved and technology has evolved so much that it allowed scientists to be able to jump on this problem so quickly,” Dr. Slater answered.

Multiple doctors spoke in the video as well, laying out how devastating COVID-19 has been for the Black community and why the vaccine is safe.

Black and brown people are dying at a rate two times what would be expected based on our population,” Dr. Slater said.

McCourty said that one of the doctors he listened to noted that getting a vaccine is a personal decision.


But I was able to think about that personal decision because I was equipped with all the information,” McCourty said. “I was educated. So I’m urging everyone: Please educate yourselves. Find out if this vaccine is for you. If it is, jump in. Jump in fearless. Go and do this.”

Matthew Slater closed with a similar message.

To my brothers and sisters in the Black and Brown communities and communities of color everywhere, COVID-19 has impacted us in many ways,” Slater said. “I think as we search to get back on solid ground, it’s important that we arm ourselves with the proper education as far as what does it look like for me to approach this and do what’s best for my health.”

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