‘I love Tom’: Matt Damon sides with Tom Brady over Bill Belichick on who meant more to Patriots’ success

Damon's still a Patriots fan, but he watched every Buccaneers game last season.

Frederick M. Brown
Matt Damon is rooting for Tom Brady over the Patriots.

When Tom Brady left the Patriots, he took Matt Damon’s allegiance with him.

The Cambridge native admitted that he watched every Buccaneers game during the 2020 season because of Brady.

“It’s not even a bandwagon. I love Tom,” Damon said on “The Bill Simmons Podcast.” “He’s a once-in-a-lifetime athlete for all of us who were lucky enough to be able to follow. His entire career, I’m riding it all the way to the end.

“I don’t, you know, the Patriots, I don’t know. I’m following Tommy. The fact he did that last year on a torn MCL, just stop it. You know what I mean? It’s just awesome. It’s such a great story.”

As Damon alluded to, the 2020 season was a good one for Brady fans. The quarterback won his seventh Super Bowl title, which is more than any franchise has ever won.


Back in New England, the Patriots battled to replace Brady as Cam Newton’s struggles resulted in a 7-9 record. While last season heated up the “Who was more responsible for the Patriots’ dynasty?” debate, it was just more fodder for Damon’s side of the argument.

“I was always a believer,” Damon said of Brady. “Everyone does the ‘Was it Belichick or was it Brady?’ Belichick’s an amazing coach, but I never doubted that it wasn’t Brady.”

“He’s on the field playing the game,” Damon added.

Damon shared that he does occasionally talk to Brady, sending him text messages and called him a “relentlessly positive guy.”


Even after winning a Super Bowl last season, Damon’s still rooting for Brady to get his eighth and believes Brady’s still got it.

“They could’ve kept him,” Damon said of Brady leaving New England. “I don’t begrudge that guy. I want him to go win another Super Bowl. It’s just such an awesome story.”

“Did you look at the guy’s arm? He looks like a 30-year-old out there…Brady’s making every throw. He still is, and never with the collection of receivers other quarterbacks have,” Damon added.

Damon still roots for the Patriots, calling Newton a “great dude” and said he’s a fan of Newton’s game. Damon also said he and Ben Affleck will get behind rookie Mac Jones if he wins the job.


There’s just one issue Damon has with the team.

“You know our defense will show up but you know you’ve got to spend some of your resources on people to throw the ball to,” Damon said.

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