Tom Brady pokes fun at Patriots fans in new crypto commercial

"Even on the phone, that guy sounds handsome."

Mark LoMoglio
Tom Brady was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, revealing a "New Tom." Here were the best three things we learned. Mark LoMoglio

Thursday night was a momentous night for Tom Brady.

The quarterback saw his team unveil their Super Bowl LV banner before leading the Buccaneers to a game-winning field goal over the Cowboys in the final seconds of their season-opening win.

Brady’s actions weren’t limited to the field on Thursday. He starred in a pair of commercials that made their debut during the game, including one for cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX, which he and his wife, Giselle Bundchen, took an equity stake in earlier in June.

In the commercial, Bundchen asks Brady if she can talk to him about something. Brady assumes she’s talking about football, quipping that he’s “got another 10 years left. Maybe 15” of playing football. Bundchen says she doesn’t want to talk to him about football, showing him her phone, presumably something on FTX before asking Brady “You in?”


Brady said he’s in, with the couple making phone calls to several other people asking the same question. One of the people Brady calls is Jets superfan “Fireman Ed,” who has Brady labeled as the “Worst Person Ever” on his caller ID. “Fireman Ed” said he’s in on the idea, though.

For the final phone call, Brady looked at his contact list on his phone, which included someone named Bill. He told Bundchen that “This last one might be tough,” to which she replied, “Nah, he loves you.”

Brady makes the call, to a Boston-area bartender, who has him labeled on his caller ID as “Traitor.”

“First, even if you wanted to come back, we wouldn’t take you,” the bartender began the call with.

“Yes you would,” Brady said.

“You’re right, we would,” the bartender replied.

Brady eventually tells the bartender about FTX, asking if he’s in. The bartender told Brady he’s in, “but I still hate you.”

“Understood,” Brady said at the end of the call.

After the call ends, the bartender told the customers that “Even on the phone, that guy sounds handsome.”

The ad with Brady and Bundchen is part of a $20 million campaign for FTX, according to the Wall Street Journal.


Brady also appeared in a Subway ad that debuted during Thursday’s game, his second with the fast-food company in recent months.


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