Tom Brady’s return leads to record ticket prices

The only event more expensive for Boston-area sports was Game 7 between the Bruins and Blues in 2019.

Tom Brady tickets
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady throws a pass against the Los Angeles Rams. AP Photo/Kyusung Gong

Patriots fans still hoping to find tickets to watch Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in Foxborough are in luck — sort of. 

The good news: Tickets are still available on all of the major secondary markets. 

The bad news: They are not cheap. 

Here’s a rundown of everything still available for Patriots fans who don’t mind throwing around some money to see Brady’s return.

The low end

Want to be part of the atmosphere with a good view on a budget? Your best bet might be to go by yourself and make some new friends. One of the best tickets on VividSeats is a single lower-level seat for $340. Otherwise, many of the lower-level tickets range from $480 to $734. Upper-level tickets on VividSeats go no lower than $326.

The average

Per ESPN, VividSeat’s average ticket price for Sunday’s game is $1,101 — one of the most expensive games in Boston-area history. Game 7 of the Stanley Cup topped it at a whopping $1,887 (bolstered by TD Garden’s lower capacity), but Game 5 of the Stanley Cup ($938) and Game 6 of the 2013 World Series ($911) both come in behind Brady’s return.

The high end

For $18,000, you and two friends can wildly overpay (for admittedly great seats). 


The most expensive tickets on secondary sites are in a lower corner of the arena. On both VividSeats and StubHub, a seller is looking to offload premium tickets for a premium price — three tickets in row 35 for $6,000 apiece on StubHub and $5,758 on VividSeats. Presumably, someone wants to see Brady’s return themselves but is willing to take offers. 

Other high-end tickets on VividSeats include $3,727 for four tickets at the Club Level, and many sets of lower-level tickets that range from $2,780 to $3,261. One very optimistic seller with tickets listed on StubHub apparently hopes to net $4,000 apiece for two tickets on the upper sideline. 

Before you break the bank, however, take a hard look around: Many of the most expensive tickets appear to be intentionally prohibitive. On StubHub, for instance, lower-corner tickets can be had for $492 or $503 that appear to have a similar view to the $6,000 ones.

In conclusion

If you’ve taken this long to get your tickets, you might want to reconsider your ticket-buying strategy, but you still have a chance to be there. Just make sure you can still cover rent.


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