Mac Jones doesn’t want to weigh in on the mac and cheese debate with Matt Judon

"I mean, it's food."

Mac Jones
New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones warms up during the second half of an NFL football game. AP Photo/Danny Karnik

After his teammate Matt Judon made waves with his takes on mac and cheese, Patriots quarterback Mac Jones opted not to wade into choppy waters on Wednesday.

“I mean, it’s food,” Jones said cautiously (but chuckling). “But I don’t really want to focus on that right now.

“But I do hope that everyone has a good Thanksgiving in here, and, you know, it’s a great time to just reflect on things and be thankful for the things that mean a lot to you, so that’s something that I always take away from my family or my Dad. Just be thankful for what you have.”


Judon told reporters he finds mac and cheese “disgusting” on Wednesday.

“I have never liked macaroni and cheese,” Judon said. “And you know how they say like, ‘Oh, your taste buds change every seven years. You just got to…’ Every time I try it, it’s the same thing. And it’s never gonna change. It is never gonna get better, all right? I’m almost 30 now. I’m pretty set in my ways. And it’s disgusting. Get it off the table. The bathrooms will be less busy.”

Judon added that if anyone tried to serve him the side dish, he would wait until they are sleepy (from eating mac and cheese) and then “whoop them.”

For his part, Jones had little interest in rehashing his dislike of pies (“I just don’t like it, simple as that”) but he was willing to get into what he is thankful for.

“A lot of things,” he said. “I think just the situation that I’m in here is a big blessing. Just to be in a good organization with great people and a lot of great leaders and successful people, so there’s a lot we still have to do, but there’s a lot to be thankful for, and I’m obviously thankful for my family and people that I’m close with, and like I said, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.”

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