‘Is he not watching?’ Tom Brady roasts Tony Romo for calling him slow

"Tony and Peyton hating from the booth! Come on guys."

Tom Brady
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady smiles as he leaves the field after the team defeated the Buffalo Bills. AP Photo/Mark LoMoglio

Tom Brady was never particularly speedy, but even at 44, he still would prefer no one call him slow.

Just ask Tony Romo — the former quarterback turned NFL broadcaster, who drew Brady’s ire when he noted why the former Patriots star tries to move people with his eyes.

In a video posted to Twitter on Monday, Brady sat down in front of a camera to push back on Romo’s claim.

“So I was rewatching the broadcast from last night, and I heard Tony say …” Brady trailed off, and the video cut to a clip of Romo talking as Brady prepared to take a snap during the Buccaneers’ 33-27 victory over the Bills.


“Tom does that in the pocket all day long,” Romo said. “That’s the same thing he does to move people with his eyes because he’s slow, right? He can’t actually make someone miss.”

The video cut back to Brady, wearing a skeptical look.

“So is he not watching?” Brady asked. “Because …”

This time, the camera cut to Brady feeling pressure from the Bills’ defense and sprinting ahead. On the first run, he gained roughly 15 yards and a first down. On the second, he stretched his arm out and picked up a first on 3-and-2.

“Hey EA, tell Peyton to jack my speed rating back up,” Brady said, as the clip showed his speed rating in Madden jump from 71 to 93.

Brady has rushed 26 times this season for 68 yards. Considering that Lamar Jackson has 96 speed in Madden, 93 seems like a stretch.

Still, a potential MVP season one year after winning a Super Bowl at age 44 previously seemed like a stretch too. We’ll reserve judgment for now.


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