Here’s what Joe Judge and Matt Patricia said about their roles with the Patriots’ offense

"I would say all of us are working collectively as a coaching unit to work with the entire offense."

Matt Patricia
Matt Patricia in Dec. 2021. AP/ Photo Jeffrey T. Barnes

As the Patriots begin to take the first steps in the 2022 season — organized team activities begin on May 23 — one of the many questions surrounding the team will be who fills the enormous void left by departed offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels (who is now the head coach of the Raiders).

Two former head coaches, Joe Judge and Matt Patricia (both of whom also have experience as New England assistants), have emerged as possible candidates. Neither has experience calling plays on offense.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, both Judge and Patricia were asked about what their specific roles with the team might be, since Bill Belichick has so far declined to attach detailed coaching titles.


“I’ll give you a direct answer right there, not to be evasive on anything,” Judge responded when asked which positions he’s been working with. “I am working with Mac [Jones], as well as some other people on the offense. I’m working with all [of] the skill group on the offense. I would say all of us are working collectively as a coaching unit to work with the entire offense. So that’s the most direct and specific answer I can give you on that, guys. In terms of who’s coaching each position, you’ll see me on the field with the quarterbacks.”

Judge, who returned to New England after being fired by the Giants at the end of the 2021 season, is no stranger to being versatile as a Patriots coach. Prior to leaving for New York in 2020, he served as both special teams coordinator and wide receivers coach in 2019.

As for play-calling on offense, Judge offered some overview of the Patriots’ approach.

“Look, I’ll tell you directly and honestly right now: Nothing’s been declared or decided or voiced to me,” Judge explained. “I know Matt’s going to be the other one who gets asked, or Nick Caley. Look, right now we’re all just working [on] drills and skills. We’re working offensively. I do think it’s critical for every coach on the offense to understand the offense and be prepared as a play-caller. If you’re not really looking and approaching the game as a play-caller, I think it’s tough to really teach the game plan, if that makes sense to you.”


“In terms of who calls plays, to be honest with you, that’s not the main focus of us right now as an offensive staff,” he added. “When Coach [Belichick] wants us to go ahead and declare a role like that, he’ll tell us.”

Patricia, who is still listed by the Patriots as a “senior football consultant,” noted that he’s been working with the offensive line so far.

“I’ve been able to be out there with the offensive guys, working with the offensive line, and just kind of help those guys and work some technique, talk about just basic fundamental stuff, but nothing really heavy on that,” Patricia said.

Asked about an updated job title, Patricia explained that it’s still early in the Patriots’ offseason program, and the team hasn’t gotten into specifics.

“I’ve been so far in Phase II, we haven’t gotten to Phase III yet,” Patricia said, referencing the NFL offseason program. “In Phase II I’ve been with the offensive players, over there kind of working with them on the field. We weren’t allowed to do anything in Phase I obviously because of the rules.

“Specifically, kind of spending time with the guys up front, with the offensive line,” Patricia added.


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