Patriots’ Trent Brown switched to a pescatarian diet to meet weight goals this offseason

Brown has $1.5 million in bonus money over the next two seasons tied to his weight.

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When Trent Brown re-signed with the Patriots this offseason, the team included an interesting bonus to help motivate the offensive tackle.

The Patriots included $1.5 million ($750,000 each season) in bonuses tied to Brown’s weight in the two-year, $22 million contract he signed in March. While the 385 and 375-pound weight goals Brown had to meet over the offseason might seem easy, the veteran has struggled with his weight in recent years. The 6-foot-8 Brown reportedly saw his weight go up to 400 pounds during the 2020 season while playing with the Raiders.

With a lot of money on the line, Brown looked noticeably slimmer during the first two weeks of Patriots training camp. He revealed to GQ’s Christopher Carson that he switched to a strict pescatarian diet over the offseason, which has helped him lose 20 pounds from the 380 pounds he previously weighed.


Brown told Carson that the diet change wasn’t too difficult because he’s eaten food that fits within a pescatarian diet since he entered the league in 2015.

“I just had to cut some other things out,” Brown said. “Instead of having bacon or sausage at breakfast—when I do eat breakfast—it would probably be a piece of salmon or striped bass with my spinach scramble. It was really a pretty smooth transition. That’s probably why I’m tired of eating salmon now. I’ve been eating salmon and stir fry every day for [expletive] seven years.”

In addition to going full pescatarian, Brown told Carson that he drinks a green juice for breakfast and two gallons of water every day. He credited the high amount of water he drinks to help suppress his appetite.

Brown also said that there is some pressure to keep his weight down because of the incentives. However, he feels confident in sticking to his regimen.

With the regular season approaching, Brown said told Carson his calf is feeling good after missing the better part of nine games last season due to a calf injury. The weight loss also has him feeling different and he has a goal to reach by the end of the preseason.


“I think dropping 20 pounds definitely goes a long way as far as mobility and helping the way my body moves,” Brown said. “I’ve always been an explosive guy, but I feel like I’m that much quicker and lighter on my feet now. My cardiovascular health is definitely better with just not carrying the extra 20 pounds around. By the end of camp I hope to be at around 355. That would be great—it will give myself some leeway between my weight goal and their weight goal for me, so I won’t have to be strict as hell on myself throughout the season.”

The first $300,000 in bonuses tied to Brown’s weight came during the offseason. Brown had to weigh 385 pounds or less on the first day of the team’s offseason program to earn $150,000. He had to weigh under 375 pounds on June 1 and under 365 pounds on July 15 to earn an extra $150,000.

Brown can earn $25,000 each week during the regular season if he weighs under 365 pounds, which can go up to $425,000 if he meets it every week.

In an interview with the Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian on Thursday, Brown said he “definitely put in the work during the offseason, so I’m expecting to reap the benefits.”


“I still feel like I’m the best tackle to play this game, and I feel like I can be one of the best to ever play. I’m out to prove it,” Brown said. “So here we go. Day by day. Brick by brick.”

“I approached each day of this offseason, wanting to come in and be the player I know I can be,” Brown added. “I know I have a responsibility leading this team. That’s how I’m approaching each day. I think everyone is appreciative of that. I’m appreciative of everyone around me that’s working just as hard to help steer this bus in the right direction.”

Despite his weight concerns and calf injury, Brown had a strong 2021 season. He allowed just one sack over the 489 snaps he played. Pro Football Focus gave Brown a 78.7 overall grade and an 81.2 pass-blocking grade, which would’ve ranked 21st and 13th, respectively, if he played enough snaps to qualify last season.

Brown exclusively played right tackle last season but is switching back to left tackle, where he played during the Patriots’ 2018 Super Bowl-winning season.


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