Danny Amendola says he got four IVs during the Patriots’ 28-3 comeback Super Bowl

"I probably lost 10 pounds that game of just water weight, just sweating."

Danny Amendola
Brian Poole and Danny Amendola go face to face during second quarter action in the Super Bowl. Jim Davis/ Globe staff.

How draining was the Patriots‘ 28-3 rally against the Falcons in Super Bowl LI for Danny Amendola?

According to Amendola, who made an appearance on Julian Edelman’s “Games With Names” podcast, he received eight passes, a touchdown, a two-point conversion … and four IVs to keep going.

“You guys saw how that game turned out,” Amendola said. “It was just a long night for us. We were running. I probably lost 10 pounds that game of just water weight, just sweating. I remember, I got four IVs, total, the whole game — two before and then two at halftime.”

The benefits were obvious — Amendola caught a crucial touchdown to close the gap to eight, and he pushed the game-tying two-point conversion across the line a few minutes later. He also snagged a big gain with two minutes remaining that pushed the Patriots’ game-tying drive from the 41- to the 25-yard line (here’s a link, if you want a little trip down memory lane).


“We knew we were going to be running all night,” Amendola said. “But thank God that the halftime was so long. I guess the halftime is 20 minutes, as opposed to the 10, eight minutes we get at a normal game. Because I was in there, I got a bag and I said we had enough time to get to get two bags of IV just to get it all the liquids back in.

“But we were running all night.”

Amendola added that another reason the Patriots were so tired was because they had to keep running sets that could pick up big chunks of yardage, rather than letting their receivers “chill” like the Falcons.

“I remember somewhere in the third or the fourth quarter your face, you’re covered in snot, like, nobody gives a s— about anything, you’re bleeding,” Amendola said. “Julian had dip all over his beard. Eye black was running in your eyes. It was like, nobody gave a s— except let’s get to the next series, let’s get to the next drive with as much energy as we possibly can.”


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