Patriots players react to Shaq Leonard, other opponents calling out their plays

"Everybody across the league does it," said one Patriots defensive player.

Mac Jones hopes to get his first career win against the Colts after losing to them last season. AP Photo/Aaron Doster

Each of the Patriots past two opponents have had a linebacker who seemed like he was one step ahead of the New England offense on certain plays.

On Sunday, it was the Colts’ Shaquille Leonard. The week before, it was CJ Moseley of the Jets.

“That happens here and there,” tight end Hunter Henry said. “We’ve got to learn, and try to disguise things and do things as best we can especially against great players like that.”

It’s something the Patriots want to clean up, coach Bill Belichick said earlier in the week.

Quarterback Mac Jones echoed a similar sentiment Wednesday when he was asked if the Patriots have streamlined their offense to the point where other teams are able to decipher the plays in advance.


He said the Patriots have enough plays to keep opposing defenses on their heels and that the execution has to be better so they don’t end up tipping plays.

“In the NFL there’s good players everywhere. We watch film. Sometimes we know what other teams are doing, sometimes we don’t,” Jones said. “I think people just watch a lot of film and there’s good players out there. So you have to just give credit where credit is due and obviously we want to fix anything that we’re giving away. But, at the end of the day, we’ve got plenty and we just need to do better.

While other teams calling out the Patriots plays has been noticeable over the past two weeks, safety Adrian Phillips said it happens often throughout the NFL and that he’s not particularly worried about it.

“It’s really not a big deal,” Phillips said. “Everybody across the league does it. If you watch film and you’re a good player and you make plays chances are you’ll pick up on a play or two that the offense runs.”

Linebacker Ja’Whaun Bentley said he knows about picking up patterns from experience.


“We’re all pros. It’s only but so many plays you can run in a game. Some tend to repeat,” Bentley said. “So, certain keys and things like that you’ll be able to pick up on through out the game the game. If you’re able to spot them, it’s kind of a plus for you. Other times, teams like to throw a little wrinkle in there so you’re not always right, but for the most part you’re hopefully going to be right a few times … shoutout to those guys for picking up on that.”


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