Jakobi Meyers details his first time riding the commuter rail: ‘It took me at least three hours’

After a flight during his rookie season Jakobi Meyers didn't want to pay high Uber prices. So he took the MBTA home.

Jakobi Meyers
New England Patriots wide receiver Jakobi Meyers faces reporters following an NFL football team training camp. AP Photo/Steven Senne

Shortly after wrapping up his first rookie minicamp with the Patriots, Jakobi Meyers decided to head out of town and visit his family.

After his return flight touched down in Boston, Meyers thought he would be able to call an Uber home. But a glance at the prices gave him second thoughts.

“I’m back, I fly into Boston and Ubers are like $110,” Meyers said in a video posted to the Patriots’ Twitter account. “And I haven’t even made the team yet. I’m a rookie, undrafted, like I don’t have $110 dollars for Uber.”

So, the enterprising rookie pulled up Google Maps on his phone, searching for alternatives. The solution? Head to South Station and catch the commuter rail.

“I convinced myself that I was going to take the train with a 20 percent charge,” Meyers said. “So I’m like alright, let me Google Maps this, and now I’m this kid from Georgia in Boston trying to figure out how to make it from South Station to Mansfield. It took me at least three hours.”


The minute-and-a-half-long video cut back and forth between Meyers telling his story, and tight end Jonnu Smith revealing that he once took a $15,000 private flight after missing his flight.

“My flight was leaving in about five minutes,” Smith said. “I had a box of pizza in my hand and my book bag on. I came to my gate and the flight is closed.”

Smith, who was a rookie with the Titans, had obligations to fulfill and didn’t want to risk being late.

“Long story short, because I didn’t want to miss my team meeting, I had to buy a $15,000 jet back to Nashville, Tennessee.”

Another common learning curve for new players from warmer cities is figuring how to dress New England winters. Defensive back Kyle Dugger and defensive said his biggest rookie mistake was not buying a winter coat. Defensive lineman Lawrence guy said he bought gear he didn’t need.

“Coming from the West Coast, you don’t know the snow,” Guy said. “So I had ski pants, a ski jacket, ski boots, ski socks. It didn’t get cold until December, and I didn’t go skiing.”


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