Vince Wilfork said he’s tired of seeing Mac Jones ‘throwing a fit’ during Patriots games

"I'm not just going to throw it all on him, but at this point I'm tired of seeing it and I think a lot of other people are tired of seeing it."

Mac Jones shows his frustration during the Patriots-Raiders game.
Mac Jones during the Patriots-Raiders matchup. Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Watching the Patriots’ debacle on the final play of Sunday’s 30-24 loss to the Raiders, former New England defensive tackle Vince Wilfork was just as surprised as any other fan.

Wilfork, speaking to Tom Giles on NBC Sports Boston’s “The Gameplan” on Thursday, said that he assumed the game was going to overtime and got up to switch locations in his house.

“I get to the living room, not even 10 steps away and I see the Patriots [lost],” said Wilfork. “I’m like what happened?”

“When I saw the replay, I just couldn’t believe it,” he said. “It’s just one of those years where it seems like everything they do, it’s just not good enough. It’s hard, as a player, as a staff, as a fan to watch that because you know that this team is capable of playing better football than what they’re showing.”


At 7-7, the Patriots are currently on the outside looking in at the AFC playoff picture. New England desperately needs a win against the Bengals in Saturday’s 1 p.m. matchup.

Looking ahead, Wilfork had a simple takeaway.

“It wasn’t good to see it,” Wilfork said of the defeat in Las Vegas, “but at that the same time, it is what is at this point. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

One player Wilfork had advice for was Mac Jones.

Asked if Jones’s on-field expression of his frustrations was becoming too much, Wilfork agreed.

“I’m tired of that, honestly. I’m tired of it,” Wilfork said of Jones’s antics. “You’re the leader of this team. You’re a quarterback. So you can’t be frustrated every single week, every single play. I don’t care if you’re getting the play called in late or whatever it may be. At the end of the day, you have to show some poise because you do operate the ship. You’re the head of the ship when you’re out there.

“Control what you can control,” Wilfork added. “That’s all you can do. But I’m tired of seeing him throwing a fit.”

The former All-Pro acknowledged that there’s plenty of blame to go around regarding the Patriots’ lack of production on offense. New England currently rank 25th in the NFL in total yards, and 30th in passing touchdowns.


“We get it, because at the end of the day, everybody’s not playing the way they’re capable of playing. That’s just what it is. Everybody, including him,” said Wilfork. “So I’m not just going to throw it all on him, but at this point I’m tired of seeing it and I think a lot of other people are tired of seeing it.”


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