Matt Patricia asks reporter to ‘sit up’ in testy exchange

"Have a little respect for the process."

Matt Patricia Lions
Matt Patricia addresses the media. –AP Photo

An irritable Matt Patricia did not welcome a question about his team’s stunning decision to deal wide receiver Golden Tate at Tuesday’s trade deadline, but his exasperation was directed at the inquiring reporter — not the subject matter.

“Why do you think this move makes your franchise better?” the reporter asked.

Before Patricia — who now coaches the Detroit Lions after spending six seasons as the Patriots’ defensive coordinator — offered an answer, he requested that the reporter to “sit up” and “have a little respect for the process.”

“Every day you come and ask me questions and you’re just kinda like, you know, give me this,” he said, gesturing his arm at the podium.


The pair briefly talked over each other until Patricia said, “Ask me a question professionally, and I’ll answer it for you.” The reporter then stated his question again — it’s unclear whether he adjusted his posture — and Patricia gave a lengthy explanation for why the Lions traded Tate.

Watch the full interaction below: