Watch Tedy Bruschi’s hilarious reaction to Stephen A. Smith’s mistake(s) on ESPN

"I'm thinking about Hunter Henry and the way that he's played this year."

Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi has become a fixture on ESPN in his career after football. The three-time Super Bowl winner is a regular expert who helps break down NFL news.

Unfortunately for Bruschi, not all of his peers are on the same level of knowledge.

During a recent segment on ESPN discussing a heavyweight Chiefs-Chargers Thursday night matchup, Bruschi joined Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on morning show “First Take.”

Amid a flurry of baffling errors from Smith (in which he also mentioned Chiefs running back Spencer Ware, who is out injured), Bruschi and Kellerman produced memorable reactions to the mention of Chargers tight end Hunter Henry.


Henry, a talented option in the passing game when healthy, tore a knee ligament in May and was ruled out for the season before it had even begun. Smith didn’t seem to know this, and also referenced the Chargers as still playing in San Diego (the team now plays in Los Angeles).

“I’m also looking at the San Diego Chargers on offense, and I’m thinking about Hunter Henry and the way that he’s played this year, and as effective as he’s been,” Smith said. He also cited the matchup Henry would have with linebacker Derrick Johnson, who is no longer on the Chiefs.

Bruschi and Kellerman’s faces said it all.

Smith offered an explanation afterward on Twitter for one of his four errors:

Update: Smith later tweeted out a photoshop of his theorized matchup: