Danny Amendola posted, then deleted, a postmortem on his relationship with Olivia Culpo

"I just wanted to personally clear the air out here."

danny amendola olivia culpo
Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo at a 2017 screening of Culpo's film "American Satan." Steven Ryerson/Boston Film Festival

Danny Amendola offered his thoughts on his on-again, off-again relationship with Olivia Culpo in a lengthy Instagram post Friday, writing that he “just wanted to personally clear the air out here.”

Then he deleted it.

The former Patriots wide receiver shared a short video of Culpo smirking while making pancakes on a griddle, dubbed to the intro of the song “Shallow” from A Star Is Born. In the caption, Amendola made clear that the couple are not together.

“I believe there should be a boundary btw private life and social media. Olivia believes in fishbowl lifestyle,” he posted. “This fundamental difference was huge in our relationship. Olivia chooses and wants to be noticed on the internet and in Hollywood to make money. Which was hard for me to understand but quickly had to learn. Where as the cost of fame in this world doesn’t appeal to me.”


Amendola then launched into an expletive-filled examination of the couple’s past, including intimate details of their sex life. “If you cross me, I’m a hard mfer to deal with,” he said, before eventually concluding with uncertainty about what’s to come.

“We’ve been on and off for a long time and not together as of late!” he wrote. “Not sure what’s in the future but the only thing I care about is her HAPPINESS.”

After deleting the original post about an hour later, he quickly followed up with a shorter message: “Now that that’s over, let’s party.”