Angry Michael Phelps is the first great meme of the 2016 Olympics

The swimming legend was having ​*none*​ of his competitor's intimidation tactics.

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An unofficial Olympics rule is that if anyone is caught on camera making a weird face during the competition, the internet has to make memes about it. At the 2012 London Olympics, U.S. gymnast McKayla Maroney cracked a “not impressed” face on the podium after winning a silver medal on the vault—and we were graced with these.

Today, we give you the #PhelpsFace.

While waiting to swim in the Men’s 200 butterfly semifinal, Michael Phelps was spotted attempting to get in the zone in the presence of his enthusiastic opponent, South Africa’s Chad le Clos. Here’s the clip below, set to the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme. (What a treasure, NBC.)


This inspired so. many. memes.

Thank you, internet.

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