Aly Raisman said yes to a date with an Oakland Raiders player

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Needham native and three-time Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman has an NFL suitor — Oakland Raiders tight end Colton Underwood.

In a video interview with Yahoo Sports, Raisman talked about what she looks for in a guy, and what qualities her future husband should have.

Then, she was shown a video of Underwood proposing a double date — the two of them with fellow Raiders player Andrew East and retired gymnast Shawn Johnson (the couple got married in April).

“If you’re ever in San Jose and want to go on a double date with me and Andrew and Shawn, let me know,” Underwood said in the video.


And Raisman said yes.

“They’ve actually told me about him before,” she said, referring to Johnson and fellow USA gymnastics legend Nastia Liukin, who are engaged in a competition to find Raisman a boyfriend. “He’s very cute … I would go on a date with him.”

Maybe she’ll meet Underwood, 24, when the Final Five is in San Jose on September 18 for the 2016 Kellogg’s Tour Of Gymnastics Champions.



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