Sally Field is playing matchmaker for her son and Adam Rippon

Actress Sally Field is photographed in New York City on March 7, 2016. (Jennifer Taylor) –Jennifer Taylor

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When you want something done, get a mom to do it.

Even when that something is trying to get a date with an Olympian.

Sam Greisman, youngest son of Oscar-winning actor Sally Field, has not been shy about his crush on figure skater Adam Rippon, one of the media darlings of the PyeongChang games.

One of Greisman’s tweets was rather poignant.

But he made sure everyone knew he was a man on a mission.

Greisman, however, wasn’t quite storming into Rippon’s mentions until his mother decided to take the direct approach for him.

Greisman tweeted a picture of a text message exchange with his mom. His text was cut off, but it looked like it said “lol and say what? To date me?? haha’’ to which Field replied “Sam… he’s insanely pretty.. Find a way.’’


Greisman didn’t tag Rippon, but Field made sure there’s no way he didn’t see it.

Greisman’s response was basically “Mom, you’re embarassing me.’’

But, really, he didn’t mind.

No word yet from Rippon. But Field drives a hard bargain. Moms are the best.