Add figure skating fashion critic to Leslie Jones’s résumé

Mirai Nagasu’s outfit in the women’s short program caught the eye of comedian Leslie Jones. –Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images

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Leslie Jones is a woman of many talents.

We already knew she was a comedian, then an Olympic correspondent. Now, Jones is a fashion critic.

Before departing (sadly) from PyeongChang, Jones spent one final evening watching the women’s short program in figure skating and started offering her commentary on the outfits.

One thing we learned is that Jones loves glitter and is partial to shades of dark red, such as wine and burgundy. Also, that she doesn’t hold back.

“I just want you all to know that when I’m making these comments, I don’t hate none of these people,’’ Jones said in a video posted to her Twitter account. Jones tweeted several videos, all of them hilarious but too profane to post here. “These people are wonderful Olympians.’’


Jones then added: “I’m saying that I [expletive] despise this outfit.’’

Jones critiqued Hungarian skater Ivett Toth’s biker-esque outfit of leather-looking pants and a matching, studded vest, which she wore skating to an AC/DC medley.

“What is happening right now?’’ Jones exclaimed. “What are you doing? Are you going to get on a motorcycle and ride the [expletive] off aftwerards? What is this? What is this?’’

Jones was particularly worried about the little girls, all of them dressed in purple skating outfits, who clean up anything thrown on the ice after the competitions.

“Do you know if any of them [expletive] studs fall on the [expletive] ice you are going to kill somebody? Them little purple girls can’t see the studs falling on the ice!’’

Jones was also not fond of the headdress of multiple strands of pearls worn by Kazakhstan’s Aiza Mambekova. She felt it was evocative of unfriendly aliens.

“The outfit might have actually worked out if she didn’t decide to put on the skull of death,’’ Jones said.

It wasn’t all bad, however.

“Let me tell you something. People underestimate what lace does with glitter. But Mirai didn’t,’’ Jones said of Mirai Nagasu’s burgundy ensemble. By the way, Nagasu got a hand with her clasp from none other than teammate/America’s sweetheart Adam Rippon.


Jones was also a fan of all the Canadian skaters’ outfits.

Jones has headed back to the United States, but she did not disappoint in her quick tenure as an Olympic correspondent.