What’s New England’s best ski area? You decide.

Will you choose a traditional favorite or an underdog?

Ski bracket Stowe
A view above the clouds at Stowe. Will the ski destination win the ski area bracket? Globe Archives

When New Englanders feel the temperature fall and see the snow fly, the collective anticipation for the coming ski and snowboard season begins. On that point, many of us are in agreement.

Where we differ is in our choice of ski area. From Connecticut to Maine, New England is one of the nation’s most active, passionate regions for skiing and snowboarding. Yet many have wildly different preferences for their winter pastime.

How do we choose New England’s best ski area? What parameters would you use?

These are the questions we hope can be answered in a bracket-style face-off. We’re guessing you’ll have differing answers. In fact, we’re counting on it. The seeding of our ski bracket is admittedly subjective, but the results will be completely driven by the votes you cast.


Here are 32 New England ski areas. Fill out your bracket and help us decide which one is the best.

Update: Voting has now closed. Here’s a look at the results.