The best photos and videos from the Premier League’s Fenway takeover

"Boston lived up to the hype."

Premier League soccer fans in Boston.
Premier League fans surround NBC Sports' broadcast team at the Boston "Fan Fest" on March 31, 2019. Nick Casanova/NBC Sports

“You hear a lot about this place as a sports town,” NBC Sports analyst Kyle Martino said as he surveyed the Lansdowne Street crowd on Sunday. “Boston lived up to the hype.”

In all, 12,597 soccer fans showed up to the Premier League event in Boston over the weekend, according to NBC Sports. The “Fan Fest” is part of a series that NBC and England’s top league have taken to several American cities. Boston’s was the biggest to date.

The city’s latent soccer fandom showed its potential, with NBC Sports’ live game coverage being broadcast from a packed Cask ‘n Flagon. The fans made their presence felt:


While the Premier League’s American viewership has grown over the last year, it was a different experience for Boston fans to congregate in a central location for the weekend games. Given its locally based ownership, Liverpool was unsurprisingly well represented. Still, every Premier League team had fans in attendance over the course of the two-day event.

Here’s a look at some of the notable photos and videos, including Liverpool’s Sunday win over Tottenham: