Eli Manning wasn’t exactly enthused when Peyton Manning clinched a Super Bowl win

Sad Eli looked sad.

Why so sad, Eli?
Why so sad, Eli? –Screengrab/CBSSports

Eli Manning had the look of a Patriots or Panthers fan in the waning moments of Super Bowl 50. He did not look the part of the Super Bowl-winning quarterback’s brother.

Apparently, that part was reserved for Cooper Manning.

Cooper jumped for joy when Broncos running back C.J. Anderson put the Broncos up by 14 points, essentially clinching Peyton Manning’s second career Super Bowl victory (tying him with Eli).

Eli’s feelings about Peyton’s win looked a bit more complicated.

Of course, Eli knows as well as anyone that Super Bowl’s aren’t over until the final whistle. Both his victories included incredible comebacks over the Patriots. So, perhaps, he was hestant to celebrate.


Regardles of what he was thinking, the Internet responded accordingly.

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