Did Jimmy Butler get fouled on that last shot? And what would you give up to get him to Boston?

Debate the answer with Chad Finn and Boston sports fans at The Sports Q.

Celtics’ Marcus Smart gets called for a foul in the closing second. —Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images


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Did Marcus Smart foul Jimmy Butler on the Bulls’ last shot Thursday night? There’s no way, right? You couldn’t even see it on replay. – Adam C.

No, Marcus Smart did not foul Jimmy Butler on the Bulls’ last shot Thursday night. I think anyone and everyone who is reading this is in agreement on that.

Unfortunately for the Celtics, he was called for a foul on Jimmy Butler on the Bulls’ last shot Thursday night, with 0.9 seconds remaining and the Celtics leading by 1. Butler, being an 87 percent free throw shooter and someone who is happy to accept an unexpected gift, promptly went to the line and buried both free throws for a Chicago win.

What a frustrating way for the Celtics – who suffered just their second loss in 13 games – to head into the All-Star break. Smart might have scraped Butler’s elbow with a fingernail. That’s a maybe, at best. You don’t call a maybe with the game on the line.

I’d be surprised if we have any dissenters to this in the comments, at least from nearby area codes. So let’s turn the question in a different direction for purposes of our daily discussion:


If Danny Ainge were to trade for Butler, what would be a fair price for the Celtics?

Don’t give me Tyler Zeller, one of the big guys they have stashed in Europe, and three second-round picks. To deal for a player of Butler’s magnitude, it’s going to hurt a little. Start with one Brooklyn pick and go from there.

So what would you be willing to pay to acquire the Bulls All-Star, a terrific player who apparently knows who to draw a nonsense foul call when he needs one? Meet me in the comments. And bring the Trade Machine.

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