What is your favorite Opening Day memory at Fenway?

Debate the answer with Chad Finn and Boston sports fans at The Sports Q.

Old and new Red Sox hoist 2004 Championship flag on Opening Day 2005 against the Yankees at Fenway Park.    Library Tag 04122005 Sports
Red Sox players hoist the 2004 championship flag on Opening Day 2005 against the Yankees at Fenway Park. –The Boston Globe

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What’s your favorite memory from Opening Day at Fenway? It has to be everything about the ring ceremony in ’05, right? My opinion of Mariano Rivera changed that day. What a good sport. – Elizabeth O.


Happy Opening Day, everyone! Best day of the year, other than the random times a co-worker brings donuts into this office and I get one before all that’s left is the weird ones filled with some Pledge-flavored lemony substance. And this is even better than that.

I think most Red Sox fans would say their best memory came from that day, the 2005 opener, which was pitch-perfect save for perhaps Terry Cashman’s singing/songwriting. So I think we need to be more specific. We can’t just say that day in its entirety, or the 2008 and ’14 openers, in which championship banners were also raised.  The ’14 ceremony was especially emotional because of the presence and participation of the Marathon bombing victims and first responders.

So which moment was it from those special openers stuck with you the most? Rivera’s in-on-the-joke laughter and doffing of the cap when Red Sox fans cheered him? The return of Sox postseason stars who  had departed for other teams that winter such as Dave Roberts and Derek Lowe? Johnny Pesky’s hilarious greeting of Curtis Leskanic? A small moment that only you noticed?

Or does your favorite memory come from another day and game entirely? You probably fell hard for Carl Everett after his two-homer performance in the 2000 home opener against the Twins, didn’t you? It’s OK. We all did. Not a big dinosaur guy, that Carl. So charming.


Hit me with your favorite opening day moments in the comments. And save a good donut for me.

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