Will Jason Varitek ever manage the Red Sox?

Special assistant to the general manager, Jason Varitek watches batting practice from behind the cage.
Special assistant to the general manager, Jason Varitek watches batting practice from behind the cage. –Barry Chin/The Boston Globe

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Do you think John Farrell makes it through this season. Or will the team suffer until Jason Varitek is ready? – Duane D.


I tweaked the question on this for a couple of reasons. 1) Duane is a regular correspondent and I suspect he’s being slightly facetious. 2) The Red Sox are in a virtual tie for first place and the only thing Varitek has managed so far in his career is A-Rod’s face.

The Red Sox are not firing John Farrell this season, nor should they. He’s at least an adequate manager – one with a World Series title on his resume, which either tells you that he’s been pretty good at times or managing isn’t all that important.

But no matter how you see it, it would be foolish to move on from him now. Dave Dombrowski is going to need someone to blame if the Sox do somehow miss the playoffs and his collection of ex-Tigers doesn’t work out. Say, have they signed K-Rod yet?

Can we stop with the Varitek-as-manager stuff for now, at least until he gets some experience? When this question came across my Twitter feed, one pro-Tekker suggested he doesn’t need experience, nothing that Walt Weiss, Robin Ventura, and Mike Matheny didn’t have any when they got big-league bench jobs. I don’t think that’s the trio you want to make the case. Two are unemployed, and even Cardinals fans who pride themselves on the image of patience and kindness are sick of Matheny’s outdated style.


And why do we think Varitek would be good at it anyway? He wasn’t exactly an innocent bystander in the 2011 September collapse. He looks the part, I guess, whatever that means. He’s awesome at squinting and looking managerial, or at least catcher-ish. But it’s not like he needs the money or hassle. I suppose Tek could be the Red Sox manager someday. But he’s got to write out a lineup card or two first, or at least become a bench coach. I don’t think it ever happens with Dombrowski here. You know he’s got one more Jim Leyland hire in him at some point.

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What do you guys think? Will Jason Varitek ever be the Red Sox manager? And should he? I’ll see you in the comments.

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