If Yawkey Way is renamed, who should it be named after?

FILE - In this April 4, 2014 file photo, fans enjoy pre-game festivities along Yawkey Way outside Fenway Park in Boston. Boston Red Sox principal owner John Henry says he wants to take steps to rename all of Yawkey Way, a street that has been an enduring reminder of the franchise's complicated racial past. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer, File)
–Michael Dwyer / AP, File

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If John Henry thinks Yawkey Way should be renamed, Yawkey Way will probably be renamed, right? So what should it be called? Put me down for David Ortiz Way. Can’t name enough things after him. – Mike A.


I imagine it will be renamed, yes, and it’s probably overdue. I’m not giving away what I think it should be called here because I have an original idea for it and I think I’m going to turn it into a column. Wouldn’t mind seeing it named after Pedro Martinez, though. Best ideas I’ve heard on Twitter so far, at least facetiously, are Doerr Way, (Carl) Everett Parkway, and Pumpsie Greenway.

That last one is not bad, actually. But what do you guys think? If Yawkey Way is renamed, who should it be named for?

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