Was Terry Glenn the most talented receiver ever drafted by the Patriots?

Debate the answer with Chad Finn and Boston sports fans at The Sports Q.

Patriots receiver Terry Glenn looks back after catching a touchdown pass from Drew Bledsoe during a game in 1999.
Patriots receiver Terry Glenn looks back after catching a touchdown pass from Drew Bledsoe during a game in 1999. –AP

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Very sad to hear that Terry Glenn passed away. For all of the drama while he was here, he was great to watch at his best and so important to the ’96 Super Bowl team. He has to be one of the most talented receivers they’ve ever had. Where would you rank him, on ability alone, in that pantheon, assuming Randy Moss is first? – Tim R.


Well, Moss is first among all receivers in NFL history, so obviously he stands alone as a Patriot. But if we limit the pool to receivers originally drafted by the Patriots? I think I’d put Glenn first. He was so fluid and smooth, and always seemed to have his hands in perfect position to catch the ball. He’s the closest thing to Lynn Swann the Patriots have had since I’ve been watching.

Stanley Morgan was an incredible player, one of the great deep-threats in NFL history. But he was mostly a speed-burner as a young player, and he didn’t have Glenn’s hands. He became more well-rounded and nuanced as he got older.

The only one I’d consider as a rival to Glenn in terms of pure talent is Irving Fryar. He was the No. 1 overall pick in the 1984 NFL Draft, a rare combination of speed and size. Always thought he could have been a running back at the NFL level. But he was more of a headache as a young player than Glenn was.

Who else? I didn’t see Darryl Stingley in his youth. Deion Branch had a terrific career, but he wasn’t on these guys’ level. Troy Brown was an eighth-round pick who didn’t have more than 41 catches in a season until his eighth year.


To me, Glenn is it – the most talented receiver ever to enter the league with the Patriots. Loved watching him play when he was at his best. Hard to believe he was just 43. I’m going to go watch some of his highlights now.

What do you guys think? Who is the most talented receiver the Patriots have ever drafted? I’ll hear you in the comments.

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