Which eliminated Boston sports legend should have survived the first round of #GOATMadness?

Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth entered the major leagues at Fenway Park as a rookie for the Red Sox as a pitcher. –Boston Globe Library

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Enjoying the #GOATMadness bracket immensely, though I don’t think there will be much suspense in who makes the final four.  It has to be Tom Brady, Bill Russell, Bobby Orr, and Ted Williams, doesn’t it? I guess we’ll find out. But that’s not my question: Who among the first-round losers should have made it to the round of 32. I’d vote Babe Ruth. We think of him as a Yankee, but he might be the best lefthanded pitcher the Red Sox ever had. Thoughts? – Charlie J.


To answer your first question for the heck of it, I think there’s a decent chance Larry Bird makes the final four.  He got 133 more votes than Williams in the first round, and remember – the final four doesn’t have to have one representative each from the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins. It’s not unreasonable for both Bird and Russell to be in the final four, though I’m not sure how you can excuse leaving Orr, Brady or Williams out. Bird should probably be fifth, which is where he’s seeded. But we love Larry around here more than just about anyone. He might sneak in there.

As far as your actual question about those who didn’t make it, there wasn’t a UMBC-vs.-Virginia-style upset here, but there were a few that surprised me.

Ruth would be a decent choice to move on, though having to suffer thorough the whole Curse of the Bambino thing probably prevents some among us from voting for him.

I’ll show my Maine bias here and suggest Joan Benoit Samuelsson should have moved on to the round of 32. Actually, that’s not Maine bias — I can’t think of the Boston Marathon without thinking of her. I should have stuffed the ballot box for her.


What do you guys think? Who among the 32 Boston greats who were eliminated in the first round of #GOATMadness should have moved on to the second round? Samuelsson? Ruth? Gronk? Patrice Bergeron? Gino Cappelletti? Or someone else? I’ll hear you in the comments.

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