Who will be the Patriots’ surprise cut this year?

Everyone knows it’s a business.

Jason McCourty
New England Patriots defensive back Jason McCourty heads to the practice field during training camp. –AP Photo/Charles Krupa

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Probably a little early for this, but who do you think the surprise cut will be from the Patriots this year? There are always a couple, and this year’s roster seems to have a lot of competition once you get beyond the obvious starters. I’m going with Jason McCourty. You? — Bill W. 


It’s funny, I’m probably not the best guy to ask on this. The same question came up last year, and I suggested it could be Danny Amendola. It did not quite work out that way. He ended up being the asset he always was when healthy and got a sweet new deal out of it from the Dolphins.

The other guy I suggested was Rob Ninkovich, who ended up retiring at the start of camp. Had he played, I don’t think he would have been cut. But that wasn’t a terrible guess by my standards.

McCourty is a logical choice this year, but I don’t know that it would be terribly surprising. The Patriots love some of their young cornerbacks, and he doesn’t play special teams, so if he doesn’t win a regular role in the defense, he might not stick. Probably would be tough for Devin McCourty to watch happen. But there have been other assorted Gronkowskis on the Patriots roster through the years, and it hasn’t caused an issue when their stay ended. Everyone knows it’s a business.

A couple of other possibilities: Ryan Allen (he’s in a real battle with Corey Bojorquez), Elandon Roberts (the new tackling rules are going to hinder him), and Eric Decker (he looked diminished last year).


Now watch it be three guys we never even considered.

What do you guys think? Who will be the surprise cut by the Patriots this year? I’ll hear you in the comments.

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