If the Patriots could add any active player, who would you choose?

In this Sept. 18, 2016, file photo, Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald tries to fire up the crowd during a game against the Seattle Seahawks. —Kelvin Kuo / The Associated Press

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If the Patriots could add any current player to their roster, who would it be? Ignore what it would mean to the salary cap or any of that. Just pick the player who would help them the most. I’d go with J.J. Watt, even though he’s getting up there. They’ve needed a defensive playmaker like that forever. You? – Jim B.

I can’t wait to see how many Patriots fans will say Jimmy Garoppolo here. I’d actually hear that argument, but it should probably be noted that the Patriots have the reigning NFL MVP and the No. 1-ranked player on the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2018 on their roster. I am not talking about Danny Etling.


Keeping in mind what the Patriots need, and using that Top 100 as a mind-jostling guide, here are a few finalists:

For what it’s worth, Watt was 84th on this list. He’s had injuries to body parts that we didn’t know were body parts. He has 1.5 sacks over 8 games the past two years. Pass.

My pick: Donald. Did I mention he also forced five fumbles last year? The Patriots defense is going to be fine. Donald would make it dominant.

But what do you all think? If you could add any active NFL player to the Patriots’ roster, who would you choose? I’ll hear you in the comments.

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