Sports Q: What is the best parade of this Boston championship era?

Debate your favorites with Chad Finn and fellow fans at The Sports Q.

Julian Edelman, Manny Ramirez, Paul Pierce, Zdeno Chara
Images from the Boston championship parades for the 2018 Patriots, 2004 Red Sox, 2008 Celtics, and 2011 Bruins. –AP Photos

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Where does Tuesday’s parade rank among the 12 Boston teams have had since 2001? Top five? I have to admit, there have been so many that I can’t even really remember some of them, like the one for the 2003 Pats. – Mike N.

This question sounded familiar. I thought maybe it was asked after the Red Sox won the World Series a few months ago, but it actually goes back even earlier.  I took a spin through the Sports Q archives and found a version of the “Yo, what’s the best parade?” question from February 2017 after the Patriots had beaten the Falcons. (The numbers 28 and 3 keep flashing to mind here. Will investigate.)

There were a mere 10 parades to choose from then. Here’s how I ranked the top 5:

  1. 2010-11 Bruins: Beautiful June day. Huge, overjoyed crowd, with the Stanley Cup as a hell of a hood ornament. Boston at its best right there. Ah, remember the good times, Claude.
  2. 2004 Red Sox: This was the one we’d waited to see forever, and it was cathartic and fulfilling. But the weather was lousy, and I kept waiting for Pedro Martinez or Manny Ramirez to topple off a duck boat while in the Charles and have the whole thing somehow turn tragic. Guess we hadn’t shaken the cynicism quite yet. [Note: Totally cool with flipping this one with the Bruins based purely on what it meant.
  3. 2001 Patriots:  Special because it was first one since the 1985-86 Celtics, and no, Avalanche defenseman Ray Bourque’s City Hall salute does not count. Plus, the Robert Kraft/Ty Law dance-off has become a nice little tradition between them.
  4. 2007-08 Celtics: Confirmation that the new Big Three belonged to the city and vice versa. Loses points for burning the image of a shirtless Glen Davis into our brains.
  5. 2016 Patriots: Between the Gronk antics of plucking Bud Lights out of the air like King Kong swatting helicopters and nearly dropping 20 to 40 percent of the Lombardi Trophy haul, plus Bill Belichick missing the irony of trying to get a bunch of people skipping work to chant “No days off!” — hell, Belichick trying to get any chant going at all — this one might slide into the No. 5 spot.

Where does Tuesday’s rank? I think I’d slide it into the No. 5 spot, just for the pure adorableness of Brady’s daughter saying hello to her friend “Gronky.”

But what does everyone else think? Where does Tuesday’s parade rank among the dozen of this championship era? I’ll hear you in the comments.

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