Sports Q: What was Rob Gronkowski’s greatest play?

Discuss Gronk's greatest feats on the football field with Chad Finn and other Patriots fans.

Rob Gronkowski NFL Patriots
Rob Gronkowski's play-making abilities were unique among NFL tight ends. –Maddie Mayer / Getty Images/File

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I’ve been constantly watching Gronk highlights on YouTube since he announced he was retiring. There are so many that I’d kind of forgotten about. There were A LOT against the Colts. What do you think was his greatest single play if you can narrow it down? I still love him getting revenge on Sergio Brown by throwing him out for the club [in November 2014]. You must have a favorite, too. — Tom K.


I’ve been watching a lot of them, too, Tom. I had somehow forgotten that play Week 14 in 2011 when he carried one Redskin on his back while plowing through another before breaking loose for a long touchdown in which another potential tackler basically ducked for cover. That one might have best demonstrated his physical dominance.

Also loved the one-handed reaching-back catch while surrounded by defenders against the Broncos. That gets the bronze medal from me. That was OBJ-level stuff, but from a 6-foot-6-inch, 265-pounder. No other tight end in NFL history can make that play. Or at least I haven’t seen it.

The silver medal goes to the play against the Colts in the same game as his takedown of Brown in ’14. You know the one: The weaving TD through, what, six or seven Colts defenders during which he looked like a horse that had escaped the barn and had zero intention of going back.

But my favorite? It’s the 29-yarder to set up the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl against the Rams last month. It was an exceptional play — both Tom Brady’s perfect throw into what ended up looking like triple coverage and Gronk’s lunging grab.


But I really love it because it was such an important play at a crucial moment, a vintage Brady-Gronk connection, a pleasant and deserved flashback in a season that had been grueling for him physically and mentally. It’s the last easily remembered image we have of him on the football field, at least for now, and it was a perfect reminder of just how great he was. We were so lucky to be able to watch him for these nine years.

What does everyone else think? What was Gronk’s greatest play? I’ll hear you in the comments.

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