Sports Q: Did you root for Tiger Woods to win The Masters?

Discuss your thoughts on Tiger's comeback with Chad Finn and other golf fans.

Tiger Woods won his 15th major at the Masters on Sunday.

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Weird to me that Tiger Woods is such a fan-favorite. A lot of his problems were self-inflicted. Thoughts? – Jay B.

Yeah, I think that was a pretty common thought yesterday, even if you were rooting for him, and the vast majority of us seemed to be. But it’s easy to understand why fans were pulling for him to win The Masters for the first time in 14 years. He’s one of the most iconic and charismatic athletes in generations and one of the three or four most iconic golfers ever.


Beyond his place in our sports zeitgeist, it’s pretty much impossible to resist a comeback story of an aging star athlete, especially when it comes with an angle of redemption and it happens at the scene where he first broke through. (Tiger was famous long before the ’97 Masters, but that’s when he became a global star.)

I’ll admit I did find the fathers-and-sons angle a little forced and maudlin, or at least incomplete in the telling. We know his Earl Woods wasn’t exactly a shining example of fatherhood. Here’s hoping Tiger sets a better example for his kids (and they never Google “Perkins waitress”).

Maybe his flaws and his struggles make him more relatable. Maybe it makes you feel a little younger to see him thriving again in that familiar setting. I understand why people wouldn’t.

I rooted for him, though.

Did you root for Tiger? I’ll hear you in the comments.

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