Sports Q: Should the Red Sox give up on Dustin Pedroia?

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Dustin Pedroia
Dustin Pedroia in the Red Sox dugout during the 2018 postseason. –John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe

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The Red Sox have to be thinking about a possible buyout of the rest of Dustin Pedroia’s contract, no?  I love the Laser Show but at this point the knee seems to be beyond repair and can no longer take his style of play etc.  Is this something you could see happening and whether or not Pedroia is open to it? – Adam G.


I can’t see them buying out his contract, Adam. He has $25 million left after this season. He makes $15 million this year, then $13 mil next year and $12 mil in 2021. They’re going to be paying him that money either way, so they might as well give him every opportunity possible to prove he can he earn it.

He deserves that much, frankly. Pedroia gets too much grief for the lousy way he handled the Manny Machado situation two years ago. He did handle it poorly, making Matt Barnes look like the bad guy publicly and seeming to side with a player who, in a cruel bit of irony, is the one who put Pedroia in this situation. But he’s been a great player who did the right thing for the Red Sox for years.

He cared, and still does, desperately. I’m kind of taken aback at how many fans hold this stupid incident against him, easily dismiss his whole body of work, and are in a race to tell him that his career is over.

It does not look good for him now, I know. The knee soreness doesn’t seem to go away, he has a .500 OPS at Portland, he’s 36 years old, and he has 34 plate appearances over the last two years. It’s starting to remind me of how Jerry Remy’s career ended.


But he’s up there among Red Sox players who deserve to at least have a say in when it ends. I hope the ultimate decision ends up being his.

What does everyone else think? Should the Red Sox give up hope that Dustin Pedroia will come back? I’ll hear you in the comments.

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