Sports Q: Should the Patriots trade Julian Edelman?

With Brady and Gronk gone, shouldn’t the Patriots consider trading Julian Edelman too?

Julian Edelman Patriots receiver
New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. –(AP Photo/Gary Landers)

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With Brady and Gronk gone, shouldn’t the Patriots consider trading Julian Edelman too? Maybe it’s time for a full re-set of the offense. He is getting old and has a lot of miles on him. – John E.


Man, it’s tempting. He turns 34 in May, and he’s had an injury for pretty much every page of Gray’s Anatomy. (The classic anatomy textbook, not the McGoofy TV show with the homonym in its title.) He also dropped a few more passes than usual last year, which is sometimes a sign that a receiver is starting to slip.

He’s signed through ’21 and the Patriots would take a cap hit of $7.1 million if they traded him, which makes it unlikely. But I’ll admit to wondering what a team that thinks it is a contender this season and is desperate to win might give up for him.  Like the Bucs, for instance. They’re set at receiver, but you know their new/old quarterback would love to have him.

But to actually answer the question, I don’t think they should trade him unless they are overwhelmed with a great offer (and can somehow figure out a way to absorb that cap hit). The Patriots’ longest-tenured offensive player still has great value. He was better than we remember last season, with 100 catches for 1,017 yards. He would be a tremendous asset and security blanket for Jarett Stidham. And as I wrote earlier this week, the Patriots are going to be much better than people projecting them to be a .500 team realize.


Yeah, the Patriots should keep Edelman, presuming an overwhelming offer — say, a second-round pick and another pick or two — doesn’t come along.

But what does everyone else think? Should the Patriots trade Julian Edelman? I’ll hear you in the comments.

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