Watch: Salisbury dad breaks Guinness World Record for running a mile with a stroller

Ruben Sança and his five-year-old son Greyson unofficially topped the current Guinness World Record by nine seconds at the High Street Mile in Newburyport.

A Salisbury father and son topped a Guinness World Record at the High Street Mile road race in Newburyport Sunday.

Ruben Sança, 35, ran a 4:32.2 minute mile while pushing his five-year-old son Greyson in a stroller, unofficially beating the Guinness World Record for “fastest mile pushing a pram.” Finishing a mile in under 5 minutes is no easy feat, but is even harder with the added weight of a stroller. 

“[Greyson] is in the 99th percentile for his height [for his age], and he weighs 55 pounds. The stroller that I use is 25 pounds,” Sança told Runner’s World. “When you add that, you have 80 pounds that I’m pushing!”


Sança submitted paperwork for Guinness World Record ratification, along with the video of his feat, which his friend filmed while riding along on a bicycle. However, he told Runner’s World that the record may not be ratified as the previous record (a 4:41.83 minute mile) was completed on a track. 

“For me, it was more about having a challenge and going for it,” he said. “It’s a special moment for both of us, and our family.”

In the High Street Mile, Sança and his son were able to beat several stroller-less runners, placing fifth overall. 

Sança is an Olympic track and field athlete, competing for Cape Verde in the 2012 London Olympics. Sança is a record holder in Cape Verde, and was one of three members of their Olympic team. In Massachusetts, he finished in the top 25 of the Boston Marathon in 2014. He currently works at UMass Lowell, his alma mater, as the Director of Student Life and Well-Being.

While Sança is excited about the record, he told Runner’s World that he is more excited to share the moment with his son. 


“He’s growing up and he’s getting this view of like, ‘Hey, fitness is a part of your world.’”


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