Here are the worst ads from Super Bowl 51

According to viewers.

Billy Zane as the "Gold Colonel" in an ad for KFC. –KFC

Tom Brady may have led the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history Sunday night, but his advertisement wasn’t a winner with viewers.

According to Ad Meter, a tool created in 1989 by USA Today to gauge public opinion about Super Bowl commercials, Intel’s “Brady Everyday” spot featuring the Patriots quarterback scored a measly 4.93 out of 10 from viewers. The top-rated commercial of Super Bowl 51 was Kia’s ad for its 2017 Niro featuring Melissa McCarthy, which earned a 7.47.

Brady’s Intel spot was still only the 13th-worst commercial, according to Ad Meter. The bottom 10 was full of ads for mobile games and movies and TV shows that skewed more creepy than funny, including an ad for Transformers: The Last Knight starring Mark Wahlberg.

Here are the 10 lowest-rated ads from Super Bowl 51—1 being worst, 10 being the best of the worst—along with each ad’s overall rating on a 1-10 scale.

1. Wargaming, “Real Awful Moms” (3.95)

2. Machine Zone, “Mobile Strike” (4.04)

3. Top Games US, “The Battle of Evony” (4.06)

4. Wargaming, “Teensy House Buyers” (4.21)

5. KFC, “Colonel vs. Colonel” (4.47)

6. Hulu, “The Handmaid’s Tale” (4.60)

7. 20th Century Fox, “A Cure for Wellness” (4.61)

8. Fiji Water, “Nature’s Gift” (4.63)

9. Paramount, “Transformers: The Last Knight” (4.77)

10. American Petroleum Institute, “Power Past Impossible” (4.78)