These cinematic Super Bowl 51 highlights are a must-watch for Patriots fans

Even if you've seen Super Bowl highlights a dozen times, this is worth watching.

Super Bowl 51.
Super Bowl 51. –NFL

If you’re a Patriots fan, chances are you’ve watched highlights from Super Bowl 51 a few dozen times at this point. But you may want to set aside time for one more viewing for the NFL’s newest Super Bowl 51 highlight reel.

On Wednesday night, the NFL released its “cinematic” Super Bowl 51 highlights, shot in anamorphic widescreen 4k resolution, giving the Patriots’ comeback the feel of an amazing movie trailer.

Until the writers of Patriots Day make their planned Tom Brady biopic, this is the closest we’ll get to seeing Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Julian Edelman, James White, and the rest of the squad on the big screen.