Super Bowl

20 Patriots and Eagles players to follow on social media before Super Bowl LII

An official ball for the NFL Super Bowl LII football game.

From outrageous bets to banning products from the opposing city, the buzz surrounding Super Bowl LII is nearly as action-packed as the game itself.

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Whether you want to follow your favorite athlete or spy on the opponent, keep up with the stars of each team via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Snapchat. Here are 10 players from each team to follow ahead of the big game.

The Patriots

1. Tom Brady, quarterback

Tom Brady

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft embraces Tom Brady.

Instagram: @TomBrady

Facebook: @TomBrady


2. Julian Edelman, wide receiver

Julian Edelman during NFL football training camp.

Twitter: @Edelman11

Instagram: @edelman11

Facebook: @JulianEdelman


3. James Harrison, linebacker

James Harrison New England Patriots

James Harrison reacts after the AFC Championship win.

Twitter: @jharrison9292

Instagram: @jhharrison92


Facebook: @JamesHarrison92


4. Rob Gronkowski, tight end

Rob Gronkowski is escorted to the locker room after being hit in the head on a play late in the second quarter of the AFC Championship game.

Twitter: @RobGronkowski

Instagram: @gronk

Facebook: @RobGronkowski


5. Martellus Bennett, tight end

Martellus Bennett New England Patriots

Martellus Bennett walks off the field.

Twitter: @MartysaurusRex

Instagram: @martellusb

Facebook: @MartellusB

Snapchat: @UncleSmarty


6. Danny Amendola, wide receiver

New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola and backup quarterback Brian Hoyer.

Twitter: @DannyAmendola

Instagram: @dannyamendola

Facebook: @official.d.amendola


7. Devin McCourty, defensive back

Devin McCourty is pictured as he gestures to cheering New England fans as he leaves the field following his team’s victory.


Twitter: @McCourtyTwins

Instagram: @mccourtytwins

Facebook: @McCourtyTwins


8. Nate Solder, offensive tackle

Nate Solder son Hudson Patriots

Nate Solder celebrates with his son, Hudson, after defeating the Atlanta Falcons during Super Bowl 51.

Twitter: @soldernate


9. Brandin Cooks, wide receiver

Brandin Cooks makes a catch during 4th quarter of the AFC Championship game.

Twitter: @brandincooks

Instagram: @thearcher14


10. Trey Flowers, defensive end

Trey Flowers celebrates after sacking Marcus Mariota in 4th quarter. Deatrich Wise Jr. at right.

Twitter: @III_Flowers

Instagram: @iii_flowers


The Eagles

11. Chris Long, defensive end

Chris Long walks on the sideline during a game against the Cowboys.


Twitter: @JOEL9ONE

Instagram: @laflamablanca95

Snapchat: @KenBone


12. LeGarrette Blount, running back

LeGarrette Blount scores a touchdown.

Twitter: @LG_Blount

Instagram: @l_blount29

Facebook: legarrette.blount

Snapchat: @legarrette


13. Fletcher Cox, defensive tackle

Fletcher Cox answers a reporter’s question during a news conference.

Twitter: @fcoxx_91

Instagram: @fcoxx_91

Facebook: fletcher.cox.90

Snapchat: @fcoxx91


14. Carson Wentz, quarterback

Carson Wentz plays in a game against the Bears.

Twitter: @cj_wentz

Instagram: @cjwentz11

Facebook: carson.wentz11

Snapchat: @Carsonwentz


15. Malcolm Jenkins, safety

Malcolm Jenkins reaches for San Francisco 49ers’ Carlos Hyde.

Twitter: @MalcolmJenkins

Facebook: malcolmjenkinsnfl



16. Zach Ertz, tight end

Zach Ertz hauled in a diving touchdown catch.

Twitter: @ZERTZ_86

Instagram: @zachertz

Facebook: OfficialZachErtz


17. Lane Johnson, offensive tackle

Lane Johnson stands on the sideline in the second half of a game against Dallas.

Twitter: @Lanejohnson65


18. Nick Foles, quarterback

Nick Foles looks to pass.

Twitter: @nfoles_9


19. Alshon Jeffery, wide receiver

Philadelphia Eagles

Alshon Jeffery catches a touchdown pass.

Twitter: @theworldof_aj

Instagram: @calhounpresident

Facebook: @Alshonjeffery

Snapchat: @teamjeffery


20. Mychal Kendricks, linebacker

Mychal Kendricks, left, and Los Angeles Rams tight end Tyler Higbee try to recover a fumble.


Twitter: @mychalkendricks

Instagram: @mykey_k

Facebook: themychalkendricks