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‘One of the great landslides of all-time’: Boston sports radio hosts say the Brady vs. Belichick debate is over

"It comes from being happy for Brady to 'Oh my God, what are they going to do?'"

Tom Brady celebrated a seventh Super Bowl victory while the Patriots watched from home.

Tom Brady is a Super Bowl champion again. This time though, he did it away from New England.

Brady’s seventh Super Bowl title came with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they blew the Kansas City Chiefs out, 31-9, on Sunday. On Monday, sports talk radio shows in Boston reacted to Sunday’s game and couldn’t help but tie Brady’s latest triumph back to the Patriots.

On 98.5 The Sport’s Hub’s “Felger and Mazz” program, the show’s hosts discussed how Brady’s Super Bowl win gives him the edge in the “Brady vs. Bill Belichick” rivalry.

“Where’s Belichick? Anyone hear from Belichick yet? Where’s Bill? Oh, that’s right, I think I saw Belichick in the halftime show,” Tony Massarotti said, while wearing a Brady Buccaneers jersey and flashing seven rings on his fingers. “He was wearing Brady’s jock on his face during that ridiculous performance. And I think the guy next to him was (Matt) Patricia. He was wearing Gronk’s. Whan an a—kicking. Whan an utter, complete, a—kicking. Brady vs. Bill, one of the great landslides of all-time. Brady completely annihilating everything in his path along the way.”


The show’s other host, Michael Felger, believed that the Patriots were as big, if not bigger, of a loser in Sunday’s game than the Chiefs.

“Don’t you feel [Brady and the Patriots] is the story almost nationally like it was last week?” Felger said. “I really feel still, that the Patriots are 1a to Brady. Brady not just beating the Chiefs, Mahomes and the Chiefs taking a fall in that spot, but it feels to me just as big of a loser and just as prominent a story is the Patriots. Maybe that’s just us because we’re in Boston, but something tells me no. It’s really that the Patriots didn’t want to re-sign that guy. They didn’t want him. They didn’t want to give that guy a contract. It wasn’t even all that outrageous. And he was asking for years, for that two-year $25 million contract that Drew Brees got three years ago, four years ago. And the Pats wouldn’t give it to him. I don’t know how you don’t think of that.

“The Chiefs losing is a story, sure. But something tells me they’ll be back. I don’t know how you don’t look at it any other way than the Patriots. All they had to do was give him a kind of reasonable contract and he’d still be here. And they didn’t want to do it. They didn’t think he was worth it.”


Another big topic on radio shows Monday was if fans in the area were rooting for Brady to win his seventh. On 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Zolak and Bertrand,” Marc Bertrand shared he had mixed feelings after Sunday’s outcome.

“I tried so hard to enjoy it. I tried so hard. I’m glad he won. I’m happy for him. Not afraid to say I’m a big fan of Tom Brady still, even to this day. I’m happy that he won,” Bertrand said. “But if we’re being honest, emotionally, it doesn’t come anything close to when the Patriots won a title… your own team that [you’ve] rooted for your whole life. It comes from being happy for Brady to ‘Oh my God, what are they going to do?'”

“Hopefully it’s a kick in the ass for them down there,” Scott Zolak, the show’s other host and the color commentator for the Patriots’ radio broadcast, said.

Like their afternoon counterparts, “Zolak and Bertrand” believed that Brady’s seventh Super Bowl title, and whatever happens in the future, could look really bad for the Patriots.

“Seeing where Brady is still at after a full season of playing, I think there’s a chance when we look back and Bill is done that the team didn’t choose right,” Bertrand said. “That they would’ve had more success keeping Brady. That they could’ve had it going for a few more years before they went down the cliff because right now, they went off the cliff. They’re off the cliff right now with Bill Belichick. The appearances now are that “Hah, Belichick sucked the year before he had Brady and you sucked the year after you had him.”


“Like, dear God you had him,” Zolak said. “You had that guy. It’s not supposed to end like this. It’s not.”

Former Patriots tight Christian Fauria, who is a co-host of WEEI’s “OMF” program, enjoyed watching his former teammate win with the Buccaneers because of all that went into this season.

“Listen, it’s remarkable. And so, you can just appreciate it,” Fauria said. “For me, it was just extremely enjoyable to watch. I would say it was [more enjoyable] to watch than any other Patriots Super Bowl. For me, this one was so enjoyable because of all the storylines, all the characters, the meaning, all that went into it.”

Glenn Ordway, one of the other show’s co-hosts, believes that Brady winning will dial up the pressure on Belichick to have a successful 2021 season.

“I think there’s more pressure now,” Ordway said. “What do you think Bob Kraft, what do you think Jonathan Kraft are feeling today? Oh my God. They openly and publically wanted Tom to win, but the reality is they won not on their watch. So, I do think there’s pressure on Belichick now. I do think he’s got to make some moves here. He’s got to quicken up the pace.”

Fauria disagreed while Lou Merloni, the show’s third co-host, believed that Belichick is going to be aggressive this off-season just because that’s who he is.

“I just think Bill is competitive and doesn’t want to go through another year like he had last year,” Merloni said. “Is there more pressure because Tom won the Super Bowl? I think there was more pressure no matter what because he wants a good team. The question is how quickly can he build it? Because there’s just so many holes.”


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