Short hops

Random findings while wondering whom among us out there is enjoying these execrable cartoons…

I wonder if Chad Fox, Rudy Seanez, and the rest of the members of Bill James’ “Ishtar,” a.k.a., the bullpen by committee, could have created as a big a scare in their heyday as Red Sox fans got from Alan Embree and Keith Foulke last night. You have to guess when it was 9-4, half of the Nation probably flipped over to the George Lucas spectacle, only to find out this morning over Ohs! and juice what happened. And if you took a poll, and asked those people with no prior knowledge of the outcome, “Whom do you imagine were the two most egregious Sox pitchers toward the end?” I guarantee that 100 percent of them say “Embree and Foulke.”


Embree and Foulke. Like Citgo and Bic.

Today’s ridiculous trade proposal out of the New York tabloids comes courtesy of Ken Davidoff of Newsday. Mr. Davidoff writes that Omar (“You want it, you got it”) Minaya should be a seller with the Mets seven games out of first in the AL East, a division which just two weeks ago saw only 1 1/2 games separating first from last. He proposes dealing Tom Glavine to the Red Sox. Sure. Because what’s another hurler on the doorstep of 40 when you’re already got Curt Schilling, David Wells, and Tim Wakefield?

“The Mets signed the well-meaning lefthander as an ace. Glavine could help a contender – such as his hometown Red Sox – as a back-of-the-rotation guy. Like Piazza, he has a no-trade clause, but the intelligent Glavine surely would be amenable to a change of scenery, as long as it was the right change.”

Oh, and Glavine is close to guaranteeing a 2006 option worth $10.5 million. Yeah, I see Epstein making this one. Right after he digs up Mark Clear and Dennis Lamp to see if either wants to play setup man for three months.

Indians center fielder Grady Sizemore chats on today at 2:45, a few hours before Bronson Arroyo and Kevin Millwood toe the rubber.


Bill Reynolds is one of 18 New Englanders actually watching the Spurs and Pistons. Sunday’s Game 5 received a 3.6 rating in Boston, just 3.3 in Providence. Compare that to the 13.7 rating Friday night’s Red Sox-Pirates game received, and the 6.4 the final day of the US Open got Sunday afternoon, and it’s easy to see there’s a dominant lack of interest. Saturday’s Revolution game, meanwhile, received a 0.8.

The Denver Post is running a thoroughly enjoyable blog from one of its sports producers who is participating in Ride the Rockies, a 6-7 day bike trek through the paved roads of the Rocky Mountains. In related news, I’ll let you know how Armstrong looks in HD come due time.

In actuality, we will be doing some similar outdoorsy type stuff around these parts this summer. So, check back from time to time. And no, outdoorsy doesn’t mean sitting on the roof patio of The Rattlesnake.


There’s a movement to re-name the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. If you think about it, this silly team name was the equivalent of Disney buying the Toronto Raptors and re-naming them the “Toronto Air Buds.” Which I guess still wouldn’t be as bad as say…well, the Toronto Raptors.

One day after being unceremoniously ripped in the Lawrence Eagle Tribune for leaving a game after being hit by a pitch, Manny Ramirez made a statement against Cleveland, knocking in a game-high four runs, including his 15th home run of the season. But that’s not the real story. Today’s Tribune has an earth shattering expose about worms, titled, “Red wigglers among all God’s creatures,” featuring (honest to God) a photo of a local priest blessing an earthworm.


Which, I guess in turn makes the rip job on Ramirez seem all the less ridiculous.