For openers…

Random tidbits on another baseball Opening Day …

  • As former Red Sox prospect Matt Murton was tearing the cover off the ball yesterday for the Cubs, the other player involved in that 1994 deal, Nomar Garciaparra, suffered the latest setback to his spiraling career. The Dodgers first baseman suffered a strained rib cage muscle that will likely land him on the 15-day DL.

    It wasn’t a much better day for starter Derek Lowe, who was roughed up by the Braves to the tune of eight runs over five innings of work. And that was just the beginning. Details of the former Sox’s hero’s divorce were made public yesterday in depositions, public record in the state of Florida at, the subscription-only site that last year broke the news of the pitcher’s affair with Fox Sports’ Dodgers reporter Carolyn Hughes.

  • Barry Zito left last night’s game against the Yankees with a 47.25 ERA. Forty-seven. Yikes. Knight Ridder’s Joe Rederick writes, “If you envisioned Barry Zito floundering through his shortest outing, Bobby Crosby sustaining another Day One injury and Frank Thomas limping slightly to first base on a groundout, you’ve got a future as a fortune teller.”
    Well, JoJo the dancing bear could have predicted the Thomas stuff at least, so let’s not get carried away.
  • Good to see lawmakers spending their time wisely in the Empire State.
    Assemblyman Ivan Lafayette (D-Queens) said yesterday that he won’t stand pat until bans all New York vanity license plates from bearing the Red Sox team logo.
    “If I showed up in Boston with Massachusetts plates that said ‘Yankees,’ I’d have to run for my life,” Lafayette told the New York Daily News.
    Not to worry, the Lowell Spinners won’t take this sitting down. Retaliation is imminent.
  • After Barry Bonds was deliciously booed in San Diego yesterday, receiving a plastic syringe tossed at him, thanks to a fan in the stands, Giants manager Moises Alou said, “”Those who feel clean, go ahead and throw the first rock. If you’re clean, if you haven’t done anything wrong or been accused of anything wrong, go ahead and start the show.”
    Alou is right. I mean, who am I to judge, especially after that time as a kid I broke a neighbor’s window, only to be persecuted by the local PTA. How much different is that than juicing up your body, lying to a grand jury about it, assaulting the game’s most storied record by cheating, money laundering, tax evasion, and just being a regular SOB to everyone that comes within your path? No difference.
  • Can’t wait for “Bonds on Bonds” tonight on ESPN2. What could this possibly be about, seeing as Bonds has complete editorial control? Only in a perfect world would we receive the real, “Mr. Bonds Neighborhood,” where instead of a trolley, all it takes is a speedy delivery from Mr. Conte to arrive in the Land of Make Believe, where 40-year-old men hit better than they did in their prime. Instead, we’re going to get Ron Popeil-like infomercial. Thanks, ESPN.
  • After the Orioles beat the Devil Rays, 9-6 yesterday, Kevin Millar said, “We can shock the world this year.”
    Um, no you can’t. And please, get some new material. Millar’s schtick worked for the most part in Boston because his teammates backed him up. When the Orioles are 20 games out on June 15, I wonder though how cute Orioles fans are going to find his “Hee-Ya” and “Cowboy Up.”
    OK, they did have Rafael Palmeiro last year, so I’d guess probably pretty cute.
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