Roger that

A pretty optimistic take from Al Nipper on the possibility of Roger Clemens pitching for the Red Sox. ”Duquette is long gone. He’s over that. We have new management. He loves Boston, he loves the fans, he still has so many friends here,” he tells Gordon Edes. ”He could come back home here and end his career in storybook fashion. Come back home and do it right.”

Meanwhile, the Seattle Times’ Steve Kelley wonders if Clemens convinced Brett Favre to return for one more season. I’m just glad I can sleep now that Favre has made up his mind. Way to give your team three days to prepare for the draft there, Brett.

  • Pretty cool piece in Byte and Switch about the Red Sox’ new video archiving program, and how the old one nearly broke down during a pretty crucial period called the World Series.

    “The Red Sox consider video archives a crucial part of their success. Management identifies it as a major reason for Dave Roberts’ stolen base in the ninth inning of a victory over the New York Yankees when Boston trailed the playoff series three games to none. The triumph started Boston on an eight-game winning streak that carried through the World Series.

    “‘In the sixth inning of that game, Dave Roberts pulled up every at-bat he could find of [Yankees reliever] Mariano Rivera pitching with a runner on first base,’ Conley says. ‘He played that on a loop. He was trying to gain an edge. Then he went in as a pinch runner in the ninth inning, stole second base and scored, and we turned things around. Having that video was another tool in the shed.'”

  • Johnny Pesky charmed folks down in Bristol, Conn. yesterday, saying he thinks the Red Sox are headed back to the World Series, and calling Jonathan Papelbon, “a gift from heaven.”
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