The dating game

The following tidbit appeared in today’s Sarasota Herald-Tribune news blog:

At a Saturday community meeting to discuss the potential of a new stadium for the Cincinnati Reds, city officials spent 90 minutes going over the impacts of having spring training in Florida.

Afterward, a silver-haired lady said the city had neglected to talk about an important benefit.

“One of the impacts that you didn’t mention are the girls that date the ballplayers,” said Carole Nikla, 75, to laughs of the 30-person crowd at City Hall.

Later, Nikla said that she was serious. She dated two Boston Red Sox players in 1950.

That’s true. What’s economic viability compared to hooking up? Yes, good taxpayers of the Sunshine State, your daughters too can date real life major league ballplayers. Possibly even end up on “On the DL.” Doesn’t that sound alluring? Vote “Yes” on 2.