Meat me halfway

We’re all for the addition of a chorizo to the Milwaukee Brewers’ nightly racing sausages. After all, with due respect to the kielbasa, it is the chorico (Portuguese, not Mexican) that has found a frequent favorite spot in this household (Fall River’s Amaral’s is uncontested as the supreme destination).

But, this can’t be their reasoning, can it?

“The addition of a 5th Klement’s Racing Sausage should provide Klement’s and the Brewers with new marketing and promotional opportunities, especially in the growing Latino community,” writes Don Walker in the Journal-Sentinel’s business blog.

Remember what Pedro Martinez did for the Latino community in Boston upon his arrival here? Fenway Park was a nightly party, filled with Dominican flags, and proud countrymen. For the first time, the Red Sox became a dominant multicultural fan base, a trend that continues today with its two biggest stars, Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I have some doubt a sausage is really going to carry the same pull, but then again I don’t really know how boring things are in Milwaukee either. Apparently Geremi Gonzalez wasn’t cutting it in the marketing department where a stuffed chorizo will replace him as the prime attraction. Gotta be a tough day to be Geremi Gonzalez.

The Brewers will introduce the sombrero-wearing sausage Thursday in what should be a momentous press conference in Milwaukee. Up next: marketing to vegetarians with the addition of the tofu sausage.

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